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1. Артикул: AGILITY_GD20
MODEL NAME [list] [*]DIMENSION (MM)[/*] [*]WEIGHT (PRODUCT / PACKAGE)[/*] [*]Surface[/*] [*]Base[/*] [/list] [list] [*]MODEL NAME[/*] [/list] AGILITY GD20 GAMING MOUSEPAD [list] [*]DIMENSION (MM)[/*] [/list] 320mm(L) x 220mm(W) x 5mm(H) [list] [*]WEIGHT (PRODUCT / PACKAGE)[/*] [/list] 165g / 225g [list] [*]Surface[/*] [/list] Micro-texture Textile Surface [list] [*]Base[/*] [/list] Natural Rubber Base
Гарантия: 12 мес.
2. Артикул: S12-0401800-CLA
SPECIFICATION FEATURE Model Name CLUTCH GM08 GAMING MOUSE Response time 1000Hz Main Key switches Switch with 10+ Million Clicks USB 2.0 Interface USB 2.0 DPI switch 200 / 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200 (max. 4200 by software) USB Cable 1.8m with gold-plated connector Color Black Weight(g) 92g (w/o weights & cable) / 103g LED Light Red Sensor Optical Dimensions(mm) 128 x 68.5 x 40.5 mm Buttons 6 OS Supported Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7
Мышь MSI Clutch GM08 GAMING Mouse
Гарантия: 12 мес.
3. Артикул: AGILITY_GD30
MODEL NAME [list] [*]DIMENSION (MM)[/*] [*]WEIGHT (PRODUCT / PACKAGE)[/*] [*]Surface[/*] [*]Base[/*] [/list] [list] [*]MODEL NAME[/*] [/list] AGILITY GD30 GAMING MOUSEPAD [list] [*]DIMENSION (MM)[/*] [/list] 450mm(L) x 400mm(W) x 3mm(H) [list] [*]WEIGHT (PRODUCT / PACKAGE)[/*] [/list] 325g / 460g [list] [*]Surface[/*] [/list] Silk Gaming Fabric Surface [list] [*]Base[/*] [/list] Natural Rubber Base
Гарантия: 12 мес.
SPECIFICATION MODEL NAME VIGOR WR01 Wrist Rest Surface Ice Silk Lycra FILLER Cool Gel-infused Memory Foam Base Rubber PRODUCT DIMENSIONS (MM) 432 x 86 x 25 WEIGHT (PRODUCT / PACKAGE) 300g / 360g
Подставка под запястья MSI VIGOR WR01 Wrist Rest
Гарантия: 12 мес.
5. Артикул: J02-VXXXXX1-EB9
Model Name [list] [*]Surface[/*] [*]Product Dimension (mm)[/*] [*]Base[/*] [*]WEIGHT (PRODUCT / PACKAGE)[/*] [/list] [list] [*]Model Name[/*] [/list] AGILITY GD70 GAMING MOUSEPAD [list] [*]Surface[/*] [/list] Silk Gaming Fabric Surface [list] [*]Product Dimension (mm)[/*] [/list] 900mm(L) x 400mm(W) x 3mm(H) [list] [*]Base[/*] [/list] Nature Rubber Base [list] [*]WEIGHT (PRODUCT / PACKAGE)[/*] [/list] 640g / 775g
Гарантия: 12 мес.
6. Артикул: S12-0401650-CLA
MODEL NAME [list] [*]SENSOR[/*] [*]SENSOR TYPE[/*] [*]CABLE[/*] [*]DPI SWITCH[/*] [*]INTERFACE[/*] [*]BUTTON[/*] [*]POLLING RATE[/*] [*]MAIN KEY SWITCHES[/*] [*]LED LIGHT[/*] [*]DIMENSION (MM)[/*] [*]OPERATING SYSTEM[/*] [*]WEIGHT (PRODUCT / PACKAGE)[/*] [/list] [list] [*]MODEL NAME[/*] [/list] CLUTCH GM11 GAMING MOUSE [list] [*]SENSOR[/*] [/list] PMW-3325 Optical Sensor [list] [*]SENSOR TYPE[/*] [/list] Optical [list] [*]CABLE[/*] [/list] 1.8m with gold-plated connector [list] [*]DPI SWITCH[/*] [/list] 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200 / 5000 [list] [*]INTERFACE[/*] [/list] USB 2.0 [list] [*]BUTTON[/*] [/list] 6 [list] [*]POLLING RATE[/*] [/list] 1000Hz... Полный текст 
Мышь MSI Clutch GM11 Black GAMING Mouse
Гарантия: 12 мес.
7. Артикул: E22-GA60010-CLA
MODEL NAME [list] [*]WEIGHT (PRODUCT / PACKAGE)[/*] [*]DIMENSIONS (MM)[/*] [*]MATERIALS[/*] [/list] [list] [*]MODEL NAME[/*] [/list] HS01 HEADSET STAND [list] [*]WEIGHT (PRODUCT / PACKAGE)[/*] [/list] 666g / 1175g [list] [*]DIMENSIONS (MM)[/*] [/list] 175 x 103 x 245 mm [list] [*]MATERIALS[/*] [/list] Metal / Plastic / Rubber
Подставка для гарнитуры MSI HS01 HEADSET STAND
Гарантия: 36 мес.
8. Артикул: CLUTCH_GM20_ELITE
SPECIFICATION MODEL NAME CLUTCH GM20 ELITE GAMING MOUSE SENSOR PixArt PAW-3309 Optical Sensor SENSOR TYPE Optical DPI SWITCH 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200 / 6400 INTERFACE USB 2.0 BUTTON 6 POLLING RATE 1000 MAIN KEY SWITCHES OMRON 20M LED LIGHT RGB OPERATING SYSTEM Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 WEIGHT (PRODUCT / PACKAGE) 98 ± 3 g (without cable and weights) / 240g DIMENSION (MM) 129.5 x 83.2 x 41.2 Cable Length (M) 2 ADDITIONAL WEIGHT 5g*1, 3g*2
Мышь MSI Clutch GM20 Elite GAMING Mouse
Гарантия: 12 мес.
9. Артикул: VIGOR_GK20_UA
Weight(g) [list] [*]Model Name[/*] [*]Main Key switches[/*] [*]USB Cable[/*] [*]Keyboard Interface[/*] [*]Normal keys[/*] [*]Dimensions(mm)[/*] [*]OS Supported[/*] [*]Keystroke Life[/*] [/list] [list] [*]Weight(g)[/*] [/list] 866.5 g / 1257 g [list] [*]Model Name[/*] [/list] VIGOR GK20 GAMING KEYBOARD [list] [*]Main Key switches[/*] [/list] Membrane [list] [*]USB Cable[/*] [/list] 1.8m with gold-plated connector [list] [*]Keyboard Interface[/*] [/list] USB 2.0 [list] [*]Normal keys[/*] [/list] 104 / 105 / 108 keys (different by languages) [list] [*]Dimensions(mm)[/*] [/list] 455.2 x 171.3 x 34.3 mm [list] [*]OS Supported[/*] [/list] Windows... Полный текст 
Геймерская клавиатура MSI Vigor GK20 UA
Гарантия: 12 мес.
10. Артикул: AGILITY_GD60
MODEL NAME [list] [*]CABLE[/*] [*]DIMENSION (MM)[/*] [*]WEIGHT (PRODUCT / PACKAGE)[/*] [*]Surface[/*] [*]Base[/*] [/list] [list] [*]MODEL NAME[/*] [/list] AGILITY GD60 GAMING MOUSEPAD [list] [*]CABLE[/*] [/list] 1.8m [list] [*]DIMENSION (MM)[/*] [/list] 386mm(L) x 290mm(W) x 10.2mm(H)
386mm(Length) x 276mm(Width) x 4mm(Height) (without control box) [list] [*]WEIGHT (PRODUCT / PACKAGE)[/*] [/list] 229g (without cable) / 786.7g [list] [*]Surface[/*] [/list] Micro-texture Textile Surface [list] [*]Base[/*] [/list] Natural Rubber Base
Гарантия: 12 мес.

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